1. Problem Solved

    Thinking about my high school days made me realize that if I will not face my problems, I cannot overcome them.

    When I am told by my parents that they wanted me to study in a science high school, Pasig City Science High school, I unhesitatingly told them “NO”. I don’t want to go to a science high school for some reasons: I can no longer be with my elementary friends, it’s too  far from our house, and I don’t trust myself to keep up in that school’s expectations knowing that many outstanding students from different schools in Pasig can possibly be my classmate.

    Going to Pasig City Science High school is not that difficult as I expected. Teachers are not overly strict but they require many activities and they were after with the deadlines of submission. At first, the challenges for me were how to interact with people I just met, to adjust with the number of subjects and managed to keep up with my competent classmates. We often have sleepless nights because of many activities and examinations. However, I found these challenges fun and exciting since I am able to meet many friends not just from the same barangay but friends from different schools in Pasig. And activities made us closer to each other. Competent classmates made me exert more effort in my works so that I won’t be left behind them. Despite of these, I enjoyed my high school life. I got used to it. After all, I learned how to manage my time, not to procrastinate and most of all, to trust myself.

    And now that I am in college and unfortunately my chosen course has its maintaining grade policy, I should be more hardworking than what I’ve been during high school since I will be in a bigger school and have more people to meet, activities that require more effort, and this, college, will be my first step for what I am going to be in the future.


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